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NDIS Psychologists Adelaide

NDIS Psychologists Adelaide

Looking for an NDIS Psychologist in Adelaide?

We work with NDIS clients across the age range, being happy to see people and children who are participants.

Children and Teenagers

We work with neurodivergent kids and their parents. We translate the art and science of understanding child behavior into real-life insights and strategies that parents can easily apply and succeed with in everyday life.

We aim to help you to manage their challenges and those big emotions by building a road map or plan for your child to live their best life. We teach strategies that help adjustment to many environments.

We aim to foster connection in relationships and calm the conflict and emotional reactivity. We aim to help neurodiverse families to understand the child’s neurobiology and behavior.  Our intervention methods are aimed at helping your child to thrive — without everyone trying to figure it out on their own.

We’re hugely passionate about empowering neurodiverse families and kids who need a little extra help to let their light shine bright. We’re educating families and schools for a change in the way they see and address behavior. We champion the normalization of neurodivergence.

Our psychologists know that to build therapeutic relationships with their clients, they need to adapt to their clients and move away from traditional neurotypical approaches. Our provisional psychologists love supporting NDIS participants of all ages and presentations, including early intervention, primary school children, adolescents, adults and families. We warmly welcome each client with enthusiasm.

They take an affirming approach toward supporting neurodivergent people, led by the assumption that they do not have a disorder which needs to be “fixed,” but rather a natural variation in the brain which comes with a different profile of strengths. They recognise the unique challenges that people living with neurodiversity face, and can assist with anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loss, life adjustment issues, relationship problems, self-esteem, body-image and sexuality concerns.

They believe that in order to best support neurodivergent children, their entire environment should be considered. Their work often involves the explicit teaching of emotions and the provision of appropriate tools to manage how they are feeling, in turn, targeting behaviours of concern.

Out of Office visits

We will connect with multidisciplinary service providers such as Speech-language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

We visit homes and schools and any other relevant social environment.

Services for Adults on NDIS

Adults also have a need to understand and for those around them, to understand the strategies that will assist adaptation to live their best life.


Please contact us today to discuss your needs and to be matched with the provisional psychologist with an interest and skills to meet your needs.

Shannai Sloan sees children and adolescents and adults. Registered psychologist, Caitlin Waldie will see adolescents and adults.

Several of our psychologists will do educational assessments. For more information about assessments see the web page or contact our admin section on 83330940

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