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About us

About us

Our psychologist practice was formed in the year 2000, and for many years has been a leader in the field of private practice psychology. We are a comparatively high fee practice, so that we can attract high quality psychologists and provide them with all the support that they need to provide high quality sessions. 

At Rose Park Psychology, we welcome adults, couples and children. We can help you with almost any problem relating to mental health, relationships, or general well-being. Our psychologists  are easy to talk to and you can be sure that confidentiality applies.

We offer therapy for anxiety, depression, and trauma, among many other services. The Gottman approach is a popular therapy for our couples counselling. We offer social supports for our NDIS clients. You may contact us by phone or email and we will assist you to find the best psychologist for you and your situation. Any client can have an online consultation if unable to come to our offices. Interested in Telehealth? learn more here.

About Rose Park Psychology

We are a large group of psychologists, so each one can work in their area of interest and we can provide a wide range of choice. Because our psychologists work within a supportive group, and supervise each others work, we can offer you a safe choice. You can be confident our psychologists are using tried and true methods and intervention.
The psychologists in our practice:
– Regularly undertake professional supervision
– Aim to develop a nurturing and productive relationship with clients
– Strive to run on time so that you do as well

Clinical Psychologists

Many of our psychologists are endorsed as clinical psychologists and attract the highest level of Medicare rebate to provide treatment services for the wide range of disorders related to depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma.

Call us and we will discuss our services and guide you to seeing the best psychologist for you. You will be provided with everything you need to know about the psychologists and the specific costs by telephone before you make an appointment. Our receptionists will welcome your call and happily spend time answering your questions and discussing your choice of psychologist with you. 

If you would like to speak to someone, contact us today. We often have appointments available within 2 weeks.


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