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Anger Management

Anger Management

Anger Management by a Psychologist in Adelaide

Anger is a natural emotion that everyone feels. It is normal to feel anger when something goes wrong. However, getting angry too often or too much is not healthy. If you are unable to regulate your feelings or expressions of anger and frustration, you might be having anger issues. With proper treatment and therapy, you can learn to manage your anger better and give it a moderated outlet. Rose Park Psychology has the qualified anger management psychologists in Adelaide who can assist you.

Anger Management

Find out more about anger issues and how to deal with them:

What Does Anger Issues Mean?
Anger issues manifest when you have trouble controlling your anger, its frequency, intensity, or expression. You lose control over your emotions and rationale and end up saying or doing things that you end up regretting later. You may even end up indulging in verbal and/or physical abuse and harming yourself or the people and objects around you. People with anger issues often find it difficult to suppress their anger once it starts, even if they wish to. Sometimes, they may not even realise it is going too far.

What is the Cause of Anger Issues?
Depression, OCD, neurodivergence, personality disorders, and bipolar disorder are some of the mental disorders that are accompanied by anger issues. However, continued physical or mental stress, grief, chronic illnesses, and trauma are some external causes that can give rise to anger issues too. Any stimuli that result in your continued inability to regulate your anger can be a cause.

What are the Symptoms of Anger Issues?
Extreme anger is often accompanied by a slew of physical and mental symptoms. On one side, you will notice an increased heart rate and blood pressure with the ends of your appendages turning red and warm due to the increased blood flow. A tingling sensation and tension in the muscles may also be felt. Extreme stress, frustration, irritability, an overwhelming feeling of having no control over yourself or anything, and resulting anxiety are the common psychological symptoms. After your anger subsides, guilt and regret may take their place.

How Does Anger Management Help?
Anger can be easily managed through counselling. If there is an underlying cause for your anger issues, it is best to deal with them while parallelly pursuing techniques to manage your anger. Methods to deal with the overall dysregulation of your emotions will help regulate your anger too.

Benefits of Seeing a Psychologist

A psychologist can help you with anger management in the following ways:

Professional-Grade Treatment
A psychologist is qualified to recognise the eight symptoms and prescribe suitable measures to help deal with them in the healthiest manner possible. With professional help, it becomes much easier to deal with your issues.

Third-Person Perspective
Psychologists are trained thoroughly to ensure that their personal experiences, opinions, and feelings do not cloud their judgement when treating someone. Hence, they are better equipped to understand and resolve your condition.

Comprehensive Care
Psychologists are well-versed in a lot of treatment methods and can suggest the most suitable one for your situation. They will assess your personality, abilities, experiences, triggers, and every involved factor to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Healthier Coping Mechanisms
It is common to observe people develop unhealthy coping habits in an attempt to bring their anger under control. This could be detrimental to them as well as others. A psychologist can help you develop healthy mechanisms to channel your anger.

Zero Judgement
The biggest fear of any person suffering from any mental issue is that of being judged by people due to the stigma surrounding mental health. However, a psychologist is duty-bound to listen to you without any judgement and help you overcome your issues.

Why Choose Rose Park Psychology

When you choose Rose Park Psychology for anger management psychologists in Adelaide, you enjoy several benefits like the following:

Trained Psychologists
Our team consists of highly trained, registered psychologists some with years of experience in the field dealing with a variety of patients. They can diagnose you correctly and help you manage your anger issues in a comfortable way.

Comprehensive Help
Our clinic offers psychotherapeutic help for a large number of mental health disorders and issues. No matter what the root cause of your anger issues is, we will know how to deal with them with confidence.

Treatment for All Ages
Whether you are a child, an adolescent, an adult, or a senior person, mental health issues do not discriminate when affecting you. No matter what your age or who in your family needs help, we are there for you.

Tailored Assistance
Our psychologists give complete attention when listening to your issues and provide a tailored solution fitting your situation the best. You can be sure that you are getting optimum care when choosing us.

Book an appointment today with our anger management psychologist in Adelaide to get started!

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