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Child Therapist Adelaide

Child Therapist Adelaide

Child Psychologists

Looking for a Child Psychologist in Adelaide? Rose Park Psychology is an Adelaide-based child psychology practice providing professional psychological care for children and parents.

Our psychologists have a patient and gentle approach that allows even the youngest and shyest or angriest of children to feel comfortable and relaxed. Our psychologists see children for a wide range of behaviour disorders, emotional distress, and school-based problems. They use play therapy for the younger children and work with the emotional states and thinking patterns of the older children. The teaching of improved emotional self-management strategies underpins most of our work.

We believe that it is important to listen to parents’ concerns and to involve them in the child’s therapy. We ask that you first make an appointment to see the psychologist on your own, so that you can speak freely without your child being present. You can use the Medicare rebate attached to your child’s mental health care plan for this appointment. Private clients are also welcome.

We welcome you and your child, please reach out and contact us if you are interested to discuss our services. Our team is ready to provide you with the care and support that your family needs and deserves.

The clinical & child psychologists at Rose Park have their own particular areas of interest, and our friendly receptionists can help guide you to a psychologist that suits you. We welcome phone calls or emails with inquiries as to appropriate psychologists for particular issues. You can book all psychologists through our Rose Park Psychology contact number (08) 8333 0940, via email on or though our contact form.

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