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Helen White - Clinical Psychologist

Helen White
Helen has over 20 years’ experience working in adult, child and adolescent mental health clinics in public and private practice. Helen has a warm, relaxed and engaging style, working from a relational base and collaborating with her clients to provide individually tailored, evidence-based solutions to their issues. She works with people aged 18 + and offers individual, couple, and family therapy. *Please note that couple and family therapy sessions are not covered by Medicare but may be covered by private health insurance.

Helen provides short-term work on specific problems as well as longer term psychotherapy on more complex and longstanding issues. She has a strong focus on establishing a safe, trusting, non-judgemental relationship where you can explore your needs and learn how better understand yourself, your strengths and vulnerabilities, and how to manage life’s struggles. Helen has a specific interest and advanced training in Systemic Family Therapy and uses these skills to help couples and families unpack and understand any unhelpful, negative patterns of interaction that are keeping problems in place, and turn their attentions and efforts to finding solutions together.

Helen also has 18 years’ experience as a Clinical Supervisor and offers individual supervision to Clinical Psychologists wishing to deepen their reflective practice.

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