Paul Cummins

Paul Cummins

Warmth, empathy, and a very Australian sense of humour are what many people immediately appreciate with Paul. They may then notice that he is very well-read, worldly, and deeply experienced. But effectiveness, solution-focus, and feeling informed, empowered and being enabled to clearly move forward, is what they most value about his sessions.

He is highly skilled in standard contemporary psychological treatment approaches and is experienced in treating anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress and trauma. He is also a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist.

Paul has particular expertise in assisting people to smoothly navigate through stresses and conflicts in relationships and organisations, in legal, family, government and corporate settings. Initially gaining his degree in Law before becoming a Psychologist, he also trained and practiced as a professional Mediator.

Paul gained his degrees in Law and in Psychology from the University of Adelaide in 1991, and worked as a full time Senior Lecturer and in academic research for several years. He has traveled extensively overseas, meeting and working people from innumerable countries and backgrounds whilst gaining knowledge and insights in various roles in HR and banking milieu in large corporations. This real-world experience in diverse settings gave him great depth of skill and effectiveness in cross-cultural matters.

Paul has been a Member in good standing of numerous professional organisations throughout his career. He worked in various Executive roles before serving as President of the Institute of Private Practising Psychologists. For his contributions to the profession in roles of leadership, advocacy and private practice development, he was awarded the title of Fellow by the Institute of Private Practising Psychologists (2007)  and subsequently by the Australian Association of Psychologists (2011).

He began mindfulness and meditation practices 30 years ago; subsequently he deepened this with Clinical Hypnotherapy qualifications, and, now that he is in more senior phase of his career, has extended into issues of Transpersonal and Integral Psychology. In recent years he has had the opportunity to work, travel and study internationally, deepening his skills and interests in contemporary issues of Science, Consciousness and Spirituality.

Qualifications and Memberships:

SAPB and AHPRA Registered Psychologist

Bachelor of Laws, University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) University of Adelaide

Graduate Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy, SASH.