Deborah Lawton

Adelaide Psychologist, Deborah Lawton

Deborah Lawton is the founder of Rose Park Psychology in Adelaide. As the practice grows, there are increasing demands arising from managing the practice, recruiting new psychologists and developing new services, and she is currently enjoying expanding this role and is having an indefinite break from seeing clients. If you are looking for an Adelaide psychologist, Rose Park Psychology is one of the largest, established practices.

The psychologists who work at Rose Park Psychology are chosen because they have a record of success in their field and possess a high level of qualifications. Most of our clients prefer to see an older psychologist with a proven track record and many years of experience. As we are a large practice, this does allow the psychologists to work in the areas, and with the clients, that they most enjoy to treat. Some focus on children only, others adults only. Almost all our psychologists enjoy to work with adolescents.

There is information about the psychologists in their profiles, which give a bit of information about their approach. All have comprehensive training across the board in clinical psychology. More information about our Adelaide psychologists is Here

Our receptionists will be able to guide you to see the psychologist who can best meet your needs.