Our psychologists are trained in a number of different approaches. After listening to your situation as you see it, your psychologist will explain how they plan to use these approaches to help you.

Each psychologist at Rose Park Psychology has extensive experience and training in a range of evidence-based approaches, including: psycho-education, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)Mindfulness, Interpersonal Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR), and Hypnosis. We are committed to adopting effective treatment strategies as demonstrated by outcome research.

Company owner, Deborah Lawton has selected psychologists who conduct their practice at Rose Park Psychology based on their commitment to sincerely apply their extensive knowledge and skills, to provide the best therapeutic outcomes for clients. She also aims to provide working conditions which facilitate psychologists to do their best work with a high level of support. Our psychologists have low workloads and regularly undergo professional supervision and training.

Many of our psychologists are also trained and endorsed as clinical psychologists. This means that they have completed a Masters degree and two years of supervised practice in clinical psychology, and participate in additional training and supervision which supports and expands their skills as clinical psychologists.

For more information about each psychologist at our Adelaide practice in Rose Park, click on their name to see a full profile. Alternatively, you can give us a call, and our receptionists will help you to select a psychologist whose training, experience, and interests match your presenting issues.

Dr Rachel Gould

Dr Rachel Gould is an empathic Clinical Psychologist, who enjoys working with adults and adolescents with a wide range of issues. She particularly values helping people with mood, worry and distress problems that might originate either from the past or from more recent events. Rachel is focused on compassionate and collaborative approaches to treatment, which she believes will help to alleviate distress, resolve problems and increase wellbeing. Her training as a Clinical Psychologist enables her to work in a flexible and responsive way, with a range of theoretical and evidence-based therapeutic approaches. She draws on the most appropriate models of practice according to your needs and preferences. She sees adults and adolescents.

Dr Melanie Tokley

Dr Melanie Tokley is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with twelve years of local and international experience working in hospital and private practice settings in Australia and London, UK. She has worked in acute specialist wards, rehabilitation hospitals and in communities and clinics delivering outpatient therapy. At Rose Park Psychology, Dr Tokley offers both psychological therapies and neuropsychological assessment.

Katherine Hunt

Katherine is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of clinical and research experience. Her flexible, respectful, and contemporary approach has resulted in good working relationships with her clients, and their retention in therapy. Katherine has expertise in treating a diverse range of adult issues, and is proficient at Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (otherwise known as EMDR). Katherine sees adults and adolescents.

Cameron Rathbone

Cameron is a registered clinical psychologist with over ten years of experience working across community and inpatient mental health settings. Cameron is a compassionate, empathic and warm clinician, and is dedicated to tailoring evidence based psychological treatments to people’s individual situations while tapping into their unique strengths and values. He is keenly aware that making change requires courage and perseverance, and is committed to helping people to achieve their therapy goals.

Cameron is passionate about working with adults to help them overcome a range of psychological problems and cope with stressful life events. In particular, Cameron has significant experience in treating depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Cameron also has a strong interest in the impact that our social connections have on our emotional well-being, and enjoys helping people strengthen their interpersonal relationship

Jill Wiltshire

Jill has experience and training in working with diverse types of adults, couples and families.  Over her years in private practice, she has worked extensively with couples to improve communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, and family functioning.  Jill is trained in both emotion-focused couples counselling and the Gottman couples counselling approach. She thoroughly enjoys the privilege of getting to know couples and is passionate about the value of counselling in improving relationships. She also work with young children suffering with anxiety.

Kate Hollitt

Kate has a joyful and empathic style that attunes with children and adults. She is intentional about building a therapeutic relationship based on joy, curiosity, empathy and acceptance. She offers connection and strategies to support people with life’s struggles, whether the struggle has a specific name or feels like a big black hole. Whatever the struggle, Kate works with people to build on strengths and cultivate capacity for wholehearted living. Kate sees children. In working with parents, Kate utilises her skills in attachment therapies, neurobiological parenting approaches and the Circle of Security® Parenting Program.

Samantha Chapman

Sam primarily works with children, as well as people across all ages living with disability. She has experience supporting people across a multitude of presentations including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, ASD, ADHD and family dysfunction. Sam’s experience with clients is diverse across age, socio-economic status, culture and level of cognitive functioning. Sam works on developing trust and rapport with her young clients to facilitate an environment built on open communication, to build their self-esteem and self-efficacy. Self-efficacy reflects confidence in the ability to exert control over one’s own motivation, behaviour and social environment.

She provides therapy and educational assessments.

Oscar Williams

Oscar is a registered psychologist with 11 years’ experience, having worked in both the public and private sectors including in community mental health, correctional services, private practice and as a senior manager and corporate trainer. He is passionate about helping clients to overcome issues related to daily life, career direction or mental health. Oscar utilises a strength-based approach that is tailored to each client’s specific needs with the aim to identify evidence-based strategies that are easily applied and have significant results. He works collaboratively with his clients on identifying the causes of the issue, why it continues to perpetuate and best ways to overcome it. 

Oscar can assist adults and adolescents (16 years old and above) with depression, anxiety, personality-based problems, post-traumatic stress, trauma, emotional regulation, personal/workplace stressors and grief & loss. He has also worked extensively with issues such as anger, self-harm/suicidal thinking, interpersonal difficulties and sexual problems.

Paul Greeff

Paul is a Counselling Psychologist (Provisional) with a Masters in Psychology. He recently joined our team at Rose Park Psychology from South Africa, where he amassed more than 16 years’ professional experience in the health, tertiary education, organizational, training and private sectors. His South African background and training have assisted Paul in becoming adept at working with a diverse population and he is able to establish immediate rapport, as well as solid therapeutic relationships with people from all walks of life, culture or background. Paul’s extensive work in both the private hospital and psychiatric sectors has led to a passion for the treatment of Trauma/PTSD, Grief and Bereavement, Anxiety/Panic and Depression for adolescents (16 years and older), adults and geriatrics. He also takes on clients for couples / relationship therapy.

Caitlin Waldie

Caitlin is a registered provisional psychologist with a particular interest in supporting adolescents and young adults within the NDIS. She has worked with a variety of clients of diverse ages and socio-economic backgrounds. Caitlin enjoys working with clients who are on the spectrum, and other neurodiverse clients. She has an interest in clients who identify as LGBTQI+.

Caitlin adopts a collaborative and compassionate approach and enjoys working alongside her clients to identify their existing strengths in order to meet their goals. She also has an ongoing interest in clinically focused research and is involved as a research assistant on several projects at the University of South Australia.

Marnie Stewart

Marnie is a provisionally registered psychologist whose practice is built on warmth, compassion, and curiosity. Marnie works within the NDIS framework supporting young children, primary school aged children and adolescents. Marnie values a family focused approach to therapy and works closely alongside parents to meet their child’s needs. 

Marnie understands the importance of the therapeutic relationship and how taking time to foster a genuine connection with clients is central to supporting them successfully. Marnie has a particular interest in working with neurodiverse clients and takes the time to connect and work with each client’s individual strengths to achieve their vision of success. 

Andrea Braica

Andrea is a warm and empathic APHRA registered Provisional Psychologist with a passion for working with children, adolescents and young people to achieve their therapeutic goals through evidence-based therapies. Andrea focuses on building trustworthy connections with children and adolescents by using a down to earth, creative and fun approach to therapy. She aims to assist clients to gain a deeper understanding of their wide-ranging emotions and equip them with skills to better manage emotions and adapt their behaviour to lead fulfilling lives despite challenges. Andrea loves to bring a sense of humour to the collaborative approach between her and her clients, while working towards the best therapeutic outcomes according to each individual’s needs.

Shannai Sloan

Shannai is a registered provisional psychologist who has a strong interest with working with children and adolescents. By using a fun and non-judgmental approach to therapy, Shannai is able to connect with clients and ensure therapy is a stress-free environment where the client feels safe and accepted. She brings a warm and positive approach to her work and uses clients’ interests to ensure therapy is relevant and enjoyable for them.

Whilst completing her studies, she has spent her time gaining experience in the field. For over two years Shannai has been working with individuals with additional needs in schools and has experience working with a range of different disabilities. Shannai has experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (and PDA), ADHD, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities within the NDIS as well as children with a trauma background.