Parenting Programs


At Rose Park Psychology, psychologists support parents and caregivers with a range of concerns about their child’s behaviour problems, including disobedience, whining, arguing, fighting, biting, bed-wetting, yelling, tantrums, non-compliance, sibling rivalry, anger and aggression.

Parents can be at a loss to know how to change their child’s behaviour. They can feel like they have tried everything and are at their ‘wits end’. Our individual approach to parenting allows the psychologist to fully understand the child’s behaviour and the impact it can have on the family environment. Children are all born into the world with an innate desire to connect and be in relationships with their parents/caregivers. Misbehaviour is never their first choice. The psychologist will support parents to understand the child’s behaviour and develop and trial strategies to support changes to behaviour.

All parents are doing the very best they can. It can be difficult to ask for help for something as important to parents as parenting. Asking for help is not about being judged or blamed, but recognises that the child-parent relationship can be a challenge, as can all relationships.

Psychologists recognise the vital role that parents and caregivers play in supporting their children. Whereas the parents are the experts in their child, the psychologists can use their expertise to support the parent with the knowledge and strategies around the specific behavioural challenges you face.

Rose Park Psychology also recognises that a parenting role is sometimes taken on by someone other than a ‘parent’. People who take on this role are equally important to the child’s development, and may face the same challenges as any other parent. We are able to help people in a range of parenting or care-giving roles, and value the contributions of all such people equally.

Parenting Support with a Psychologist

The psychologist who supports parents and offer parenting programs at Rose Park Psychology are Stephanie McBeath.

Booking an Appointment

If you would like to request an appointment for parenting support, please feel free to use the appointment request page. Alternatively, if you would like to have some more information before making an appointment, you are welcome to contact us, and one of our friendly receptionists will be happy to assist you. We can be contacted over the phone on (08) 8333 0940 or via email at