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Lesley Golley - Registered Psychologist

Lesley Golley
Lesley Golley has a passion for doing educational assessments. She works with children, the parents and the school to identify the child's needs for optimal learning and social development.

Lesley has worked with clients of all ages and with a broad range of needs, but has a particular interest in assessment and diagnosis to assist families and individuals understand their strengths or support needs. She offers a comprehensive assessment and report as well as follow-up support and education around giftedness or difficulties, including learning program recommendations. Through educational assessment, she can identify:

  • learning disabilities,

  • identifying giftedness and

  • possible early entry to the education system.

Lesley is passionate about assessment, being highly motivated to search out the different dimensions of learning difficulties and upon request, further diagnoses of the psychological conditions that may be causing the learning difficulty. She will also do assessments in the context of children with Autism Spectrum disorder with an NDIS package, being experienced in working with these children and adolescents.

Lesley has been offering educational and learning disorder assessments to families across South Australia for two years, including a 6 month posting in the Riverland where she worked with families in both private and state education sectors.

She has a particular interest in working with children and adolescents with ADHD. As a psychologist she can assess for ADHD, but if medication is required, that assessment may not be the assessment required by doctors and pediatricians in order to prescribe medication. She has expertise in advising parents on the best strategies that they can use that can best enable their child to happiness and achievement.

There is a follow up session with parents as a part of our educational assessment package, but she can offer additional follow up appointments for those parents who seek to learn parenting strategies and provide ongoing support for the child and parents on how to implement the recommendations of the report into everyday life and the demands of school.

She completed the Masters of Professional Psychology, University of New England, 2021.

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