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Kate Hollitt - Clinical Psychologist

Kate Hollitt
Kate has a joyful and empathic style that attunes with children and adults. She intentionally builds therapeutic relationships based on curiosity, empathy and acceptance. She offers strategies to support people with life’s struggles, whether the struggle has a specific name or feels like a big black hole. Kate has over 20 years experience working with clients to build strengths and cultivate capacity for wholehearted living.


Kate has skills and experience in playfully supporting children and their parents/caregivers to cope with a wide range of struggles including: worries/anxiety, sadness/depression, self-esteem, childhood trauma, behaviour challenges, grief and other big feelings that get in the way of getting along with others.   In working with children, she also enjoys working closely with parent and caregivers to support them in:  growing their relationship with their child; building understanding about their child’s needs and developing strategies to create harmony in their home.

She has particular skills and experience in working directly with parents and caregivers of children with behaviour challenges, mental health needs, developmental trauma, developmental delays and disability.  Through exploring caregivers experiences of parenting and being parented, Kate encourages caregivers reflection to develop skills in nurturing their child. In working with parents, Kate utilises her skills in attachment therapies, neurobiological parenting approaches and Circle of Security Parenting Program.

Kate has a particular interest in supporting women with issues impacting on their emotional wellbeing and mental health. She has experience supporting women to develop greater self-confidence, emotional health and personal boundaries by exploring their experiences of relationships and the barriers that impact on them living their best and most fulfilling life. Kate’s has 19 years of experience working in the areas of child development, mental health, childhood trauma and disability across the government, not for profit and private sectors.

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