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Jill Wiltshire - Registered Psychologist

Jill Wiltshire
Jill Wiltshire is a caring, compassionate Psychologist with over seventeen years of experience in both Private and Public mental health settings. Since 2016 Jill has brought her passion, training, professional skills and experience to her role at Rose Park Psychology. She works with couples, adults and adolescents and has experience with clients of all ages.


After many years working as a Registered Psychologist Jill has recently returned to further study with the completion of a Masters in Clinical Psychology. She is currently undertaking the Clinical Registrar program to further her clinical understanding, ensure her ability to provide up-to-date evidence based care and to enhance her clinical work.

Jill encourages her clients to take an active role in their therapy and walks alongside them as they work towards desired change. Jill believes that every person is an individual and brings a range of experiences and skills that are unique and important to recognise and utilise in therapy. She works flexibly, thoughtfully, and creatively alongside her clients and enjoys engaging with each person to help them towards their goals.

Jill has a passion for Couples Therapy and has gained experience and empathy through her work with the diverse array of clients she has had the chance to work with over the years. Common goals for couples may be to improve communication, family functioning, intimacy, and conflict. Jill has completed training in both emotion-focused couples counselling (EFT) and the Gottman Method for couples counselling. She thoroughly enjoys the privilege of getting to know couples including their stories and experiences and is passionate about the value of counselling in building more successful, satisfying relationships. Jill has a patient and gentle approach that balances “feeling safe” with “exploring new territory”.

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