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Dr Tessa Benveniste - Provisional Psychologist

Dr Tessa Benveniste
Dr. Tessa Benveniste has completed the Masters of Professional Psychology and is now working towards full registration as a psychologist. She also has a doctorate in psychology, having completed research projects in social psychology.

Dr. Tessa Benveniste brings a unique blend of academic excellence and real-world experience to her practice. Her qualifications in medical science, coupled with a Ph.D. in Psychology focusing on the experiences of children in boarding schools, provide a strong foundation for understanding the complex challenges young people face. After a distinguished career in psychological research, Dr. Benveniste recently completed her Master’s in Professional Psychology at Central Queensland University. Tessa works part-time at Rose Park Psychology as a provisional psychologist.

Tessa is passionate about empowering young people and their families to navigate emotional challenges. Her dedication to clear communication ensures everyone involved understands the goals, processes, and outcomes of treatment.  She uses a warm and genuine, strengths-based approach to her practice, with a strong focus on understanding and working with clients’ individual needs within their broader context.

Having worked in health and wellbeing research for over 10 years, Tessa is a strong advocate for innovative and evidence-based therapeutic strategies. This is balanced with the recognition that clients are the experts in their own journey, and therefore her aim is to collaboratively tailor treatment planning with a person-centered approach.

Her approach is:

  • Warm and genuine: Creating a safe and comfortable space for young people and their families.
  • Strengths-based: Focusing on building upon existing strengths.
  • Collaborative: Tailoring treatment plans in partnership with clients.
  • Evidence-based: Utilizing innovative and effective coping strategies.

Tessa is working with adolescent and adult clients.  Medicare and private health cover rebates do not apply, so no referral is necessary.

She also conducts educational assessments with children, adolescents and adults aged 6 years and above. Educational and other assessments identify learning disability and other barriers to learning and achievement. Tessa is passionate about establishing an environment that enables young people and their families, educators, and supporters to feel safe and comfortable and to be able to clearly understand the goals, processes and outcomes of assessments.

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