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Dr Marie Georgopoulos - Registered Psychologist, clinical registrar

Dr Marie Georgopoulos
Dr Marie Georgopoulos is an AHPRA registered Psychologist and a Clinical Psychology Registrar working with people across the lifespan. She has earned a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Psychology (Clinical). You will find Dr Georgopoulos warm, compassionate and authentic.

She provides an empathic and non-judgmental environment to help her clients feel safe again in the world and their relationships, to explore and put down their heaviest burdens and to work toward giving themselves permission to set boundaries and live life purposefully and intentionally.

Dr Georgopoulos understands that delving into the unknown of transformation and change is not easy. The comfort and certainty of the present ways of coping (even if painful and maladaptive) can govern decisions and greatly impact everyday functioning. The unfurling of this cocoon through challenging adopted beliefs and thoughts is necessary to move forward and flourish. Dr Georgopoulos is passionate about walking alongside clients throughout the healing and self-discovery process. She takes pride in creating a therapeutic relationship and environment that fosters a genuine connection where individuals feel safe in vulnerability.

Bringing experience from both the private and public sectors, Dr Georgopoulos employs a range of evidence-based interventions to clearly and patiently guide individuals, couples and families to explore their current concerns and understand their origins.

Dr Georgopoulos works with those experiencing a range of presentations such as adolescent and women’s health, perinatal psychology (including perinatal anxiety, depression and OCD, birth trauma, perinatal loss at any stage, transition into parenting, strengthening the infant-parent bond and support for fathers), adjustment difficulties, grief and bereavement, post-traumatic stress disorder, couples relational concerns, parent support, autism, personality disorders, anxiety and depression. She has a special interest in people who have experienced trauma.

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