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Caitlin Waldie - Provisional Psychologist

Caitlin Waldie
Caitlin is an understanding and compassionate AHPRA registered provisional psychologist and an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society. Caitlin’s passion for psychology is fuelled by lived experience of neurodiversity within her family. Caitlin assists clients in establishing their individual goals, supporting them to achieve desired outcomes.


Caitlin supports neurodivergent children by considering their entire environment, offering offsite visits and connecting with multidisciplinary service providers. With children, Caitlin’s work often involves the explicit teaching of emotions and the provision of appropriate tools to manage how they are feeling, in turn, targeting behaviours of concern. Caitlin is also interested in providing parental support to families after their child has received an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. She enjoys working with adolescents and adults who have received a late diagnosis, working from a place of empathy and positive regard to offer a non-judgemental, culturally sensitive and inclusive environment for all clients. Sessions are person-centred and personalised with a focus on autonomy and building on a client’s own capability to achieve their goals.

Caitlin has a specific interest in the unique intersection of disability and sexuality, and she is currently studying a Masters degree at the University of Sydney in Sexual and Reproductive Health (psychosexual therapy). Caitlin is Queer friendly (LGBTQIA+), welcoming all genders, orientations and identities. Outside of work, Caitlin loves walking her border collie, Maisie, to explore the beautiful South Australian scenery.

We understand that journeys are travelled better together. No issue is too big or too small. Whether it’s a series of sessions to deal with a complex problem or a single session to address a specific concern, we’re here to listen and help.
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