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Panic Attack Psychologist

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Panic Attack

If you are having panic attacks, as a psychologist, I know that you are trying to avoid having the most unpleasant feelings ever.  Many of us say we are panicking, meaning that life is stressful. Life can be very stressful, but that is a different thing.


panic attack psychologist


Panic Attacks are something else again. Often there seems to be a good reason to have panic attacks. Panic attacks can be related to very stressful life events. Or if you have been chronically stressed, they may happen. Some people have panic attacks in planes.


panic attack

But many people can have panic attacks for no  reason at all. The symptoms are just as bad. Strangely however, when having a panic attack, you probably don’t look like this. People usually have their terrifying panic attacks quite privately. No one can tell. You may have hidden your panic attacks. You may have felt a step away from going crazy. Not the news you want to share.  But one in ten people has a panic attack sometime in their life, and they weren’t crazy.

Or you may have managed to avoid having a panic attack for quite some time now. But just the avoidance often is a problem in itself. And this avoidance still counts as panic disorder.

Psychologists understand panic attacks, how you feel, how your mind works and most importantly – how they can guide you out of fear. Psychologists have studied how to treat panic attacks, they use CBT, mindfulness and other evidence based approaches that can help many people, often, in 6 – 10 sessions. A Medicare rebate applies. For more information, see our panic attacks page.

Call us, we can guide you to the best psychologist for you.