Anxiety Treatment Psychologist

Anxiety Treatment Psychologist

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Anxiety Treatment – Psychologist

Beyond Blue tells us that in Australia at any one time over two million people suffer from anxiety. So, if you’re struggling with anxiety, you’re absolutely not alone. Happily, psychologists know all about successful anxiety treatment. Academic research has been able to find out what treatments work, and these approaches are called evidence based treatment programs. This is what we do at Rose Park Psychology. Call us and we will discuss how to start your anxiety treatment with a psychologist.
anxiety treatment psychologist


Individual Anxiety Treatment

Mindfulness, ACT, EMDR and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy are all treatment we can offer. A first step you might take is to book a long appointment with your GP, and asked to be assessed for a Mental Health Care Plan. Under this plan, there will be a Medicare rebate for your sessions. You could also attend for anxiety treatment with a psychologist without being referred by your GP. Private health rebates can apply, so contact your private health provider to find out if you’re covered.

Brief Anxiety Tips from the Internet may not Work for You

It is worth taking an intelligent and informed look at the problem with a clinical psychologist. An effective anxiety treatment program is not always simple and may take 6 – 10 sessions. For many people, being given brief, one size fits all, anyone can do it tips from the internet trivializes the problem. These tips are likely to ineffective and can create a sense of failure.

There are many people whose personal situations are not just due to worry – significant events have taken place which are causing them distress. But many people have strong symptoms that don’t seem to be “justified” by their situation. Both types of anxiety situations, although for different reasons, would gain benefit from seeing a psychologist.

For more information about anxiety disorders look at our anxiety treatment page.


Contact us for more information and we will guide you to the best solution for you.

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