Ageing and Dementia

Therapy, support and management for older persons with issues concerning end-of-life, stroke, and dementia

Ageing and Dementia

Dementia Therapy

Carol Hunter can provide therapy for individuals suffering from dementia or stroke-related issues with difficulty relating to dementia. The following approaches may be incorporated:

  • Modified psychological therapies (including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy)
  • Behavioural assessment and guidance to improve quality of life
  • Memory training to reduce upsetting or disruptive behaviours such as: wandering, calling out, forgetting walking aids/medications, repetitive questioning


Therapy for Family Members or Carers

Carol can also offer therapy for family members and others affected by loved ones suffering from dementia, stroke, or end-of-life issues. This therapy would aim to:

  • Help individuals manage their feelings
  • Provide practical strategies to help their loved one
  • Provide information about and assist with understanding of dementia, stroke, and palliative care issues
  • Help individuals adjust to personality or cognitive changes in their loved one
  • Provide guidance on how to live or deal with a loved one
  • Assist individuals with how to relate to their loved one


About Carol

Carol Hunter is an experienced clinical psychologist with extensive experience in issues affecting older persons, and has a passion for helping people with age-related issues such as stroke and dementia. These may include mood problems such as anxiety and depression. She can also provide therapy to help with memory problems, personality change and dementia, as well as supportive therapy to families who have been affected by a member with dementia.

She has done clinical work in both hospitals and within community teams. She has also done research investigating the way people think about ageing and how this affects the decisions they make. Her areas of interest and activities include:

  • Therapy and behavioural interventions to individuals on an acute psycho-geriatric ward
  • Experience of behavioural assessment/management and providing therapy to individuals in aged care facilities
  • Credentialed trainer in Spaced Retrieval, which is a memory training technique to help people with memory problems (such as in dementia) to learn new information
  • Behavioural Management (including Montessori techniques) to those with a number of issues common to dementia
  • Provided training to Alzheimer’s SA
  • Convenor of the Australian Psychological Society’s Psychology and Ageing Interest Group (PAIG), and co-convenor of PAIG National
  • Published author in Clinical Gerontologist (research journal)