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Would you like to consult a telehealth psychologist using videoconferencing? People in rural and remote Australia with a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP can talk with a telehealth psychologist. You can now access Medicare rebates for psychology sessions in your own home. This change was made in recognition of the scarcity of mental health professionals in remote parts of Australia, coupled with the knowledge that demand for mental health services is growing in these areas. More people will be able to access needed treatment, and will be able to do so quicker, with greater choice of practitioner, and at less travel expense. There are some criteria for accessing Medicare rebates for remote therapy, as follows:

  • Up to seven of the 10 annual sessions may be delivered by videoconference (the remainder must be face-to-face)
  • One of the first four sessions must be face-to-face
  • The service provider must be a distance of at least 15 kilometres from the client

The requirement for some therapy sessions to take place face-to-face reflects the Government’s position that telepsychology is a useful adjunct to face-to-face therapy, but should not replace it. Face-to-face sessions are considered important for the development of the therapeutic relationship.

Medicare rebates are only available for sessions held with both a video and audio link, so telephone consultations are not eligible for a rebate under this scheme.

Telehealth Therapy at Rose Park Psychology

Rose Park Psychology is proud to be making psychological therapy more accessible to people in remote locations within Australia. Psychologists Marie O’Dae and Dr Peter Cotton are available to provide telehealth therapy.

Sessions will be charged at our usual Medicare rate, of $180 so there will be a gap fee. Please feel free to contact us for more information about fees and to book a session of telehealth therapy.

More information about access to Medicare rebates for telehealth therapy, including which areas are eligible for cover, can be found by following this link.

Eligible Areas

You can find out if you are living in an eligible geographical area by following this link to DoctorConnect, selecting the “Modified Monash Model” box on the right hand side, entering your address and searching it. You need to be living in one of the MMM regions numbered 4 through 7. Please feel free to contact us if you would like some help checking the eligibility of your residential area.

Booking and Payment for Therapy Sessions

Appointments should be made by ringing our office on (08) 8333 0940. Our receptionist will give you all the information that you need. Payment is made either by you by giving your credit card number over the phone or by making a direct deposit into our bank account.

Questions You May Have

How do I create a videoconferencing link?

You can talk to your psychologist using the Skype videocalling program. Many people are familiar with this technology and it is widely used. You can easily create a video link from your mobile phone, tablet or PC, as long as you have a webcam set up.

Can I access a psychologist using a videoconferencing link if I am not in a remote area?

You can, but you cannot claim the Medicare rebate for your session.

Can I access a psychologist without a Mental Health Care Plan from a GP?

You can, but you cannot claim the Medicare rebate for your session.