Rose Park Psychology – With You in Mind

**Now offering after-hours appointments!**

Our psychologists will provide you with high quality therapy sessions. We welcome adults, couples, families and children. It is likely that we can help you with almost any problem. Our psychologists are easy to talk to and you can be sure that confidentiality applies.


About Rose Park Psychology:

Because we work within a supportive group we can offer you a safe choice.

The psychologists in our practice:
– Are fully qualified and have at least five years of experience
– Regularly undertake professional supervision
– Recognize the need to be warm and friendly and connect with you
– Strive to run on time so that you do as well

Our clinical psychologists attract the highest level of Medicare rebate to provide treatment services for depression, anxiety, stress and trauma

Call us and we will discuss our services and guide you to seeing best psychologist for you. You will be provided with everything you need to know about the psychologists and the specific costs by telephone before you make an appointment.

If you or your children would like to speak to someone, contact us today.

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